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How to guarantee optimum heat output from your radiators

How to guarantee optimum heat output from your radiators

A designer radiator offers added value to your interior but its main job is to keep you nice and warm at home. So your radiators should offer high heat output. But it’s not just the capacity of the radiator that is the determining factor; there are other issues to consider too. We're here to provide an explanation.

Buy a radiator with a suitable capacity

You must calculate the heat you need from each separate radiator. Every room in your home has a specific, ideal temperature. Bear the following in mind when making your calculations:

  1. the volume of the room
  2. the desired temperature
  3. the function of the room: do you sleep there or will you be actively working in it?


Consider insulation too

The extent to which your home is insulated also has a huge impact on the required radiator capacity. Was the house built recently and does it fulfil the EPB requirements? Then your heating capacity can be significantly lower. Older properties need greater heating output.


A few tips for increasing heat output

For optimum heat output, choose a radiator which offers the required capacity. As well as this, there are a few (reasonably easy) tips that you can apply:


-        Do not hang towels over your radiators to dry. However, if you insist, choose a special bathroom radiator which you can also use as a drying rack. At Vasco, you will also find a wide range of towel rails, buttons and racks. Take a look in the Vasco Accessory Shop!

-        Make sure there are no heavy curtains hanging over your radiators, as this will stop the heat from being distributed.

-        Don't use built-in radiators or radiator casing. The design is made to be seen!

-        Bleed your heating system regularly.

-        Take steps immediately if your central heating system stops working properly and ask a professional installer to take a look.


Are you looking for a radiator with high heat output? Find a Vasco distributor in your area!